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The current trash sorting and collecting system in the national park is slow which leaves trash cans in the park overflowing causing environmental harm.


The solution to the trash problem is based on knowing about the park visitors and trash collectors. Visitors are mostly environmentally conscience and want to be proactive in keeping the park clean and beautiful. By allowing them the power to document the amount of trash they see in trash cans around the park, many problems would be solved. Insights would be gleaned about areas with higher trash accumulation in order to decide where to place the recycling bins. Visitors would also be able to look at the app to view the level of trash in each bin in order to determine which trash cans to use.  

The trash collectors would be alerted if there is a trash can overflowing that they need to tend to.

Overall, this feature of the app would solve the noted problem by making communication between staff and visitors possible in a new exciting way. It also educates and empowers the visitors to make positive choices that help the environment.

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Who are the users of the recycling application?

This diagram is a simplified persona chart illustrating all the people who will be using or effected by the application.

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Use cases that tell a story of the user

This diagram goes into more details of the user’s problems that the app would hopefully solve.

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