NespressoYourself -Recycling Social Mobile App

Nespresso App

A social/informative/culture app encouraging Nespresso users to recycle and participate in the community through art and recipe creation.

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Nespresso needs to increase the recycling of their aluminum capsules.


Inspire users to repurpose and recycle their capsules through social connection; posting reviews, sharing barista recipes (techniques for “coffee-art”), and a personalized coffee themed newsfeed.



  • Project Manager (team of 3)

  • UX/UI Designer

  • User Researcher

  • Scheduling interviews  

  • Ensuring deliverables are on time

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  • Surveys

  • User Research

  • Market Research

  • Analyzing Data

  • Sketching, Wireframes

  • Interactive Prototype(Marvel)

  • Usabiltiy Testing

  • Iterations

  • High Fidelity interactive Prototype (Invision)

Survey Results

A survey was sent out to seek out espresso lovers from a broad range of backgrounds.  After 68 people filled out the survey we started scheduling one one one interviews via phone and in person.

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The Original App

In the original app there ways to order pods, store locators and recycling drop off centers.


We spoke to employees at the Macy's Nespresso location. We discovered there were only certain stores where one can drop off their used capsules using a special bag. We got to taste the coffee as well as view more about the brand in person.  Competing coffee/espresso makers were set up nearby but in terms of aesthetics, the Nespresso brand was the most polished, colorful, and alluring. I believe the quality of the espresso follows suite.

I’m not a believer of wasteful pods. If it was convenient and environmentally friendly, I’d be interested. I like how one person could have their own personalized blend delivered quickly.
I am a recycler but I assumed they weren’t recyclable. They need to advertise because I wasn’t aware.
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I became a Nespresso fan in China: I would go to the store; if the milk-frothing was easier, would use it for macchiatos, the coffee is so good it doesn’t need milk.

Affinity Mapping

We affinity mapped quotes from the interviews we conducted.

Which led us to creating features based on insights.

From affinity mapping. This is how we came up with our features.

From affinity mapping. This is how we came up with our features.

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Pleasures & Pains

John Gadeaux is our primary persona, his pleasures reflecting the most universal need of the Nespresso user: discovery of preparing techniques and new recipes to share with family and friends.

John's main pain was the waste created after he brews his coffee

Nespresso & Social Media

When comparing using of other coffee pod products, Nespresso users place first in their photo taking/posting of their drinks.

Users worldwide share their recipes, art, crafts and espresso-related interests on social media more than users of the coffee Brewers, Keuring, Senseo, and Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

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Feature 1

Find recipes

Repurpose DIY craft projects

Get inspired with art made with colorful Nespresso capsules


Feature 2

Order free recycling bag

Recycling drop off locations

Videos on how the capsules are recycled

Machine maintenance

Initial Sketches Used in Paper Prototype

Iterations of Design

Originally we were we had both a profile and media page but we combined them together after usability testing realizing they contained similar information in order to create better flow and simplification


Medium to High Fidelity Mockups

Original Nespresso App

  Nespresso is making strides to be sustainable but users of the product were not aware the pods were recyclable or of the latest sustainability efforts. The current app for Nespresso is limited to ordering more coffee and finding store locations but there is opportunity for deeper connection to the culture of Nespresso.

Final Design

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