My Web MD Feature-Mobile | Android



App and web site that contains an encyclopedia of useful health information


Problem Statement

  • Create a feature to retain users

  • The current WebMD app is an overwhelming amount of information like an encyclopedia

  • Users need to find specific information

  • Users want a personalized health app


  • Persona 

  • Paper Prototype

  • Low to Mid Fidelity Prototype

  • Usability Testing

  • High Fidelity Prototype

Webmd body-08.png


Created personas based on user interviews then designed a flow chart to turn into a paper prototype.

Paper Prototype

We sketched ideas our first one being based on lab tests that lead to articles based on the information from the lab tests. Obtaining lab results would be difficult so we decided to go with an on boarding process that includes a questionnaire.

We tested the paper prototype using Marvel.

AppMap Flow.png


Link to Medium Post..More valuable information!