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Keystone Funding- Redesign of Mobile & Desktop Tools

6 Tools for home loan borrowers

Keystone Funding (Mortgage Company)

I redesigned their website and various tools for desktop and mobile


User Research and Competitive Analysis


Pre Approval Tool Redesign

Final High Fidelity Desktop Design

Final High Fidelity Desktop Design


People aren’t able to use the current pre-approval tool and instead are calling the mortgage lender to assist them.  The tool’s purpose is to empower people to create pre-approvals on their own without the help of the lender. 


After A/B and usability testing many prototypes an intuitive/functional design was born where users felt confident clicking their way through the flow, calculating their approvals and sharing them to their agents.

My Role: 

  • Conducted user testing on the original design.

  • Conducted market research

  • Created designs

  • User tested

  • Collaborated with engineers


Keystone Funding Website Redesign



Research, sketching, wireframes, prototyping, usability testing, and iterations, collaboration with engineers.




Homebuyers want a break down of closing costs and knowledge about what they are about to endure so they can mentally prepare themselves for the steps in order to reach their home buying goal with as little stress as possible.

Loan officers want to be competitive and honest while educating and building trust.


Guided by the competitive marketplace best practices and insights from open ended interviews with home loan borrowers, a new user focused empathetic website that speaks to borrowers making them less anxious along their home buying journey.


Loan Tracker Tool- Mobile



Users want to view the status of their loans on the go.


  • Transferring the horizontal design of the desktop tool into a vertical mobile design.

  • Simplifying the text for mobile version

  • Adding icons for accessibility and understanding

  • Keeping consistent branding and business regulations



Built with Wordpress constraints.  The information architecture was discovered by card-sorting with users who were the employees at Keystone!

B2B Employee Intranet Site

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