Keystone Funding- Redesign of Mobile & Desktop Tools

6 Tools for home loan borrowers


Keystone Funding

Mortgage Lending Company

I overhauled Keystone’s user experience into friendly, easy-to-use digital interfaces. The process consisted of a website and multiple tool redesigns aimed to empower borrowers through their home-loan journeys.


Website Redesign

For desktop & mobile


Users want to be educated on the home loan process but are overwhelmed with too much information that doesn’t connect with them.


Designed a friendly, user-focused website that speaks to borrowers as well as real estate agents, adding:

  • A persona-based loan options page where users can chose a persona that relates to them to see a couple potential loan options.

  • A real estate agent page since agents are the biggest business asset.

  • An illustrated, step-by-step process, educating borrowers through their home loan journey.

The most important aspect of their web presence isn’t what I could do on their site, but more learning about and trusting their company.
— Loan Borrower
As a first time buyer, it’s really important to have a person explain everything to me.
— Loan Borrower
The website looked like it was from the 1990s so I didn’t trust it.
— Loan Borrower
I wanted to know the background of my loan officer
— Loan Borrower

Pre Approval Tool Redesign


The tool’s purpose was to empower people to create pre-approvals on their own, without the help of a lender. However, the interface was confusing so people kept calling lenders.


Changing the information architecture, I redesigned the experience using familiar colors and buttons to guide the user intuitively through the steps of this complex calculating tool.

Final High Fidelity Desktop Design

Final High Fidelity Desktop Design

I blame myself for borrowers not using the pre-approval tool. I need to make them use it. I’m not tech savvy so I don’t feel comfortable using it.
— Renee (Mortgage Lender)
I like to keep it simple. People freak out over the details. The tool is too confusing for them.
— Craig (Real Estate Agent & Mortgage Lender)

Pre Approval Mobile Prototype


Loan Tracker Tool


The current tool was only for desktop which was limited as the tool was used while people where looking at homes.


  • Transferring the horizontal design of the desktop tool into a vertical mobile design.

  • Simplifying the text for mobile version

  • Adding icons for accessibility and understanding

  • Keeping consistent branding and business regulations

Loan Tracker Prototype


Intranet Site B2B


Employees from different offices across multiple states need a way to connect and stay up to date on company wide news.


Learning which information was most relevant, as well as industry news, employee birthdays, help links and upcoming Keystone events, I used Wordpress templates to structure page design.


  • Card sorted with the CEO and employees at Keystone

  • Sketching

  • Wireframes

  • Prototypes

  • Usability testing

intranet website.png