Whisk- Ecommerce- Desktop | Mobile Redesign

Whisk Ecommerce

A pop up store check out flow/App Wire frames



  • Card Sorting

  • Persona 

  • Comparative Analysis

  • Flow Chart

  • Site Map

  • Wire Frames for App

  • Sketches, wireframes and high fidelity mock up


Create a pop up web store where products are Categorized based on information architecture. The persona needs to find a specific product and complete a check out flow.






By analyzing the websites of similar stores in New York such as Fishs Eddy, Bed Bath and Beyond and Williams-Sonoma, I could further define the style of Whisk making it easier to choose a product and a pop-up store theme.

Site Mapping

Using Omnigraffle I designed a new site map with the categories created through card sorting

Card Sorting

Card sorting was conducted to figure out the categories of the products

User Flow

This flow chart shows the persona navigating through the pop up store to find a gift for his daughter. He finds a twin pop mold then navigates through the check out process.


Storyboarding and Sketches 

App Wireframes

After designing the website prototype I then designed wireframes for the app that doesn't currently exist  

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